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Taryn Sauerland

Taryn Sauerland

Double Major: English & Marketing

Hometown: Bloomingdale, IL

Six Word Story: “Conscientious individual brainstorming resolutions to obstacles”

Career Aspiration: To work for a big name company in their marketing department or become a technical writer.

StandOut Report Strength Roles: Creator & Advisor

Why LH&A:

  • Become more experienced with online editing platforms.
  • Gain professional experience in writing and editing for a company.
  • Increase my knowledge of social media networking and marketing skills.

My Five Calling Cards:

  • Writing Things (Artistic)
  • Instructing People (Social)
  • Organizing Things (Structured)
  • Giving Care (Social)
  • Moving Physically (Realistic)
Caroline Ryan

Caroline Ryan

Multi-Media Journalism and Global Studies (Minor)

Hometown: Skokie, IL

Six Word Story: “Living for adventure, enjoying the ride”

Career Aspiration: I hope to be in a position where I have a creative outlet that keeps me connected to the people around me, all while doing meaningful work. I want to feel proud of the work I produce be that for a news organization or a PR firm.

StandOut Report Strength Roles: Teacher & Pioneer

Why LH&A:

  • Begin networking and building professional connections.
  • Strengthen my resume and professional portfolio.
  • Learn how to use, edit, and publish on various online platforms to enhance my technological skills.

My Five Calling Cards: 

  • Building Relationships (Social)
  • Exploring the Way (Enterprising)
  • Making Connections (Social)
  • Writing Things (Artistic)
  • Moving Physically (Realistic)
Mahnum Jarriulah

Mahnum Jarriulah

Public Relations and Advertising and Digital Marketing (Minor)

Hometown: Plainfield, IL

Six Word Story: “Loves to gain knowledge and experience”

Career Aspiration: Advertising and Public Relations as well as Digital Marketing

StandOut Report Strength Roles: Teacher and Influencer

Why LH&A:

  • To further develop my communication and marketing skills
  • To gain knowledge and experience within the consulting world
  • Being able to work with skilled and passionate individuals

My Five Calling Cards:

  • Making things work (Social)
  • Getting Things Done (Social)
  • Adding Humor (Artistic)
  • Bringing Joy (Artistic)
  • Seeing the Big Picture (Realistic)
Paria Ghaderi

Paria Ghaderi

3+3 JD/BA Program (Public Relations, Advertising, Pre Law) at DePaul University

Hometown: Tehran, Iran

Six Word Story: “A passionate individual with ample determination”

Career Aspiration: To work in the field of Public Relations while utilizing my Law degree and artistic abilities.

StandOut Report Strength Roles: Provider & Teacher

Why LH&A:

  • To further develop connections and future skills
  • To gain mentorship and collaborative experience
  • To learn about positions that will utilize both my legal and Public Relations knowledge

My Five Calling Cards:

  • Making Connections (Social)
  • Getting Things Done (Social)
  • Designing Things (Artistic)
  • Seeing the Big Picture (Artistic)
  • Facilitating Change (Realistic)
Emily Samp

Emily Samp

Communication & Media and Professional Writing student at Aurora University

Hometown: Bensenville, IL

Six Word Story: “Motivated individual who values the journey.”

Career Aspiration: To become a Corporate Communications Specialist

StandOut Report Strength Roles: Connector and Influencer

Why LH&A:

  • To strengthen my writing skills
  • To gain experience creating professional content on social media
  • To network and learn from successful individuals

My Five Calling Cards:

  1. Writing Things (Artistic)
  2. Creating Trust (Social)
  3. Making Things Work (Realistic)
  4. Putting the Pieces Together (Investigative)
  5. Seeing Possibilities (Artistic)
Maureen Fagan

Maureen Fagan

Public Relations and Advertising Student at DePaul University

Six Word Story: “Energetic creator determined to move people.”

Hometown: Chicago Heights, IL

Career Aspiration: Work in Copywriting or Content Management

StandOut Report Strength Roles: Creator and Influencer

Why LH&A:

  • Hone writing and editing skills
  • Learn the ins and outs of digital platforms like WordPress and Constant Contact
  • Increase comfortability in online networking

My Five Calling Cards:

  1. Adding Humor (Artistic)
  2. Creating Things (Artistic)
  3. Building Relationships (Social)
  4. Solving Problems (Realistic)
  5. Persuading People (Enterprising)
Urja Mehta
Claire Hawk
Fiona Noonan
Mandy Zhu
EJ Haas
Lily Lowndes
Charlie Irvine
Carley Kolodziej
Sydney Ingrassia
Damon J Silvert
Naphat Sangsab
Brian Yu
Meg O'Toole
Jihan Sweis
Chi Nguyen
Xiaoxuan (Rue) Wang
Ekaterina Frolova
Alejandra Llinas
Kelsi Cornett
Danielle Miller
Samantha Ruer
Wenting (Tracy) Feng
Kuang Yun Chang
Erin Guria
Zihang (Michael) Ding
Suyue (Sherry) Yan
Chana Kohanchi
Olivia Szczerba
Chris Devadatta
Jack Gibbs
Qianwen (Autumn) Huang
Diana Ayala
Erica Williams
Elvina Ibricic
Niall Hurley
Sarah Johnson
Johnathan Bryja
Sabrina Grudzinski
Nandani Dangayach
Dayna DeMeritte
Pamela Binda
Dilorom Azamova
Sadiqa Khan
Manuel Taborga
Zheheng (Catherine) Mao
Chaim Kobylinski
Sarah Rash
Yuyang (Eric) Tang
Yiwen (Emily) Zhang
Yanqi (Yanchee) Yang
Grace Guo
Melissa Courtney
Kelly Sergay
Andrea Bacchi
Derek Franke

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