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Guest Appearance on the “Intercultural Spark” episode:
“You Teach Me, I Teach You – The New Age of Internships”


LH&A interns Fiona Noonan and Lily Lowndes appeared alongside Lynn Hazan on an episode of “Intercultural Spark” to discuss the collaborative environment at LH&A. The interns spoke about their experience working virtually and the great contributions that they made using Lynn’s principles of “Saying Yes” and “Using Your Superpowers.”

Lowndes also wrote a press release to publicize the event.

Lynn Hazan & Associates featured in the new book:
“Marketing Cases of Chicago Businesses”

LH&A was a Chicago business featured in DePaul University professor Dr. Steve Kelly and student Amanda Low’s book “Marketing Cases of Chicago Businesses.” The book focuses on the impacts DePaul’s Marketing Internship program has had on students’ professional skills. Nandani Dangayach, a former intern, wrote a chapter about her experience interning at LH&A.

The book can be purchased and viewed: here

Marketing Cases of Chicago Businesses
Virtual Work from Home

6 Benefits of Working as a Virtual Intern 


My participation as a Virtual Marketing Intern at Lynn Hazan & Associates (LH&A) has been my best decision during this pandemic. I have had many opportunities to work with companies in the Chicago area and elsewhere. Lynn Hazan & Associates (LH&A) is an executive search firm in communication and marketing. Here are six benefits that I would like to outline.

Link: here

LH&A Celebrates International Intern Day!

In honor of International Intern Day, LH&A celebrated our team of innovative and hardworking interns in a presentation made by intern Claire Hawk.

Link: here


LH&A Celebrates International Intern Day!
World Creativity and Innovation Day

World Creativity and Innovation Day Presentation


LH&A celebrated World Creativity and Innovation Day by asking its interns what creativity meant to them. Our interns provided their quotes, artwork, and ideas about creativity in a presentation made by intern Lily Lowndes.

Link: here


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