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Amira Fane

Amira Fane

Graphic Design & Marketing

Hometown: Decatur, IL.

Six Word Story: “Creative Colorful Individual Designing New Things.”

Career Aspiration:  I wish to have my own freelance graphic design business.

StandOut Report Strength Roles: Connector and Provider

Why LH&A:

  • To improve my communication skills
  • To gain firsthand real world experience
  • To grow my resume

My Five Calling Cards:

  1. Creating Things (Artistic)
  2. Organizing Things (Structured)
  3. Growing Things (Realistic)
  4. Straightening Things Up (Structured)
  5. Seeing Possibilities (Artistic)
Violette Frangos

Violette Frangos

Psychology and Communication (Junior)

Hometown: Glenview, IL

Six Word Story: “Curious student looking for meaningful impact.”

Career Aspiration:  I hope to work in communications and marketing, specifically in healthcare. I want to apply my passion for working with and understanding people and appealing to their evolving needs.

StandOut Report Strength Roles: Creator and Pioneer

Why LH&A:

  • Develop deeper insight into marketing and communications 
  • Enhance my writing and technological skills
  • Learn from passionate and talented individuals

My Five Calling Cards:

  1. Seeing Possibilities (Artistic)
  2. Building Relationships (Social)
  3. Putting the Pieces Together (Investigative)
  4. Advancing Ideas (Investigative)
  5. Making things work (Realistic)
Kieran Joyce

Kieran Joyce

Organizational Communication, Economics, and Spanish (Junior)

Hometown: Urbandale, IA

Six Word Story: “Growth, Discovery, Cooperation, Management, Communication, Collaboration.”

Career Aspiration: I want to be a corporate sales or marketing team member to put my teamwork and communication skills to good use for a company’s benefits.

StandOut Report Strength Roles: Equalizer and Creator

Why LH&A:

  • Gain Valuable Experience
  • Improve My Teamwork Skills
  • Get a Taste of Corporate Life

My Five Calling Cards:

  1. Empowering Others (Enterprising)
  2. Managing Things (Enterprising)
  3. Giving Care (Social)
  4. Instructing People (Social)
  5. Getting Things Right (Structural)
Krista Valavicius

Krista Valavicius

Advertising/Public Relations and Dance Minor (Senior)

Hometown: Itasca, IL

Six Word Story: “Being positive leads to more success.”

Career Aspiration: I hope to work in the social media field, specifically social media management and content creation. I am also hoping to explore other fields using some of my skills in different positions within the Ad/PR industry before I can truly make a final decision about my ideal job after graduation.

StandOut Report Strength Roles: Advisor and Equalizer 

Why LH&A:

  • Develop technical skills on different online editing platforms.
  • Gain professional writing skills.
  • Deepen communication and social networking skills.

My Five Calling Cards:

  1. Bringing joy (Social)
  2. Moving physically (Realistic)
  3. Creating things (Artistic)
  4. Writing things (Artistic)
  5. Helping overcome obstacles (Social)

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